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Preparation strategy for GATE Aspirants.

It is very much necessary to have a good plan to achieve something.Those things which are done with proper planning and strategies will result into triumph.I am giving a strategy to follow for preparing for the GATE Exam.Those of you who are really intrested they can follow it but it is not required to follow this plan if you are having your own plan which is much better.But still i am giving it becoz i feel that it will be beneficial for some of the students.

Students who are still in college and self preparaing for GATE.

If you are in your final year or 3rd year or even in 2nd year you can follow these below mentioned things :-

1.  Make a habit to read everything from the standard books will help you to know the concepts deeply(which is required for solving the GATE level questions).

2. You can buy any book to see the previous year GATE questions that has been asked.I had followed Made Easy Previous Year Gate questions book when i was in college and self preparaing for the GATE exam.

3. Whenever you will complete reading any topic,try first to solve the questions given in the exercises of the standard books and then solve the previous year GATE questions.

4. During your college you can also take the correspondence courses from any coaching institute.So that you can get more types of question in each subject from their question bank.It will help you to develop question solving skills.

5. Study everything without thinking about weightage and all becoz in the GATE exam anything can come and it can be of much marks than the expected weightage.

6.Try to follow the above mentioned points and then try to complete the GATE syllabus before 1 or 2 months of GATE exam.

7. Once the syllabus gets completed , make a revision plan which will tell you in which order you have to do the revision of subjects. Now try to revise the subjects according to their weightage becoz it will help you to quickly revise everything .You can follow my revision plan if you want, i have mentioned it in the bottom of this blog.

8. Most important is to improve your speed of solving the questions becoz it is the thing due to which many students will not be able to get a good rank.So for this you must join the online test series and try to solve the questions with proper time management. Avoid silly mistakes

9. Now you have 1 or 2 months in your hand.And you have to do only two things first is the revision and second is side by side giving online test series.

10. I have seen many students even me also that they focus very less on Aptitude and Maths portion which comparises of 30 marks together.Do these two things also with full focus becoz they will increase your marks in the GATE exam.Make a habit of doing Aptitude and Maths regularly that will be very much helpful.

Finally i want to say that if you study properly and with proper planning , i am telling you definitely you will get a single digit rank. :-)

Students that are passed out from the college (may be placed somewhere) but want to prepare for GATE , you can follow below things :)

First i want to tell you something, those of you who are in final year and will get pass out this year and those who passed out last year in 2014,do not get disappointed with your GATE result.
Don't feel bad about yourself little bit also.If you are dedicated for GATE its better to try one more time becoz its worth to do ME/M.Tech from a good college.

Some of you are having placement offers in your hand and are in a dilemma what to do , either to leave the job offer and do preparations or not??. I want to say that its only depend on you that what you want to do and you have to listen to your heart in order to take the proper decision.I was also in the same dilemma last year but i had decided to drop and started preparing for GATE.You can take guidance from others in such situations.Now if you decide to prepare for the GATE exam you can follow the things which i am going to tell you now.

1. Its better to join some coaching for GATE but it is not compulsory.Coaching will help you to fill the missing dots in your last time preparation.

2. If  you are doing coaching follow only the lecture notes and solve as much questions as you can from the standard books and other question banks.

3. Only coaching will not help you to get a nice rank.You have to study yourself also in order to gain something.

4. When you are doing coaching ,no need to study the theory and other concepts from the standard books becoz whatever has been taught to you in coaching is more than enough .But still if you face any difficult topic you can go for the books.Otherwise only for question practice purpose go for the standard books.

5. Whenever any doubt arises in any topic or question , first try your level best to clear the doubt and then only move forward.

6. Solve the previous years GATE question papers atleast 2 times properly and do this by proper time management.

7. After everything gets completed you will have sometime for doing self study.In that time you revise everything and focus on GATE questions.

8. Do NOT leave the Maths and Aptitude portion.

Whenever you will finish everything and want to do revision , you can revise everything.I had made a revision plan according to the last 23 years average weight of the subjects when i was preparing for the GATE 2015 .With the help of this i will be able to complete the revision quickly.Hope it will help you.

                                                            Revision Plan 

1. Programming and data structures (9  marks)
2. Computer Networks (8  marks)   
3. D.B.M.S (8  marks)   
4.Operating System (8 marks)  
5.Computer Organization(7  marks)
6.Theory of Computation (7  marks)
7. Algorithms (7 marks)
8. Compiler Design (6  marks)
9 Digital Logics (5 marks)
10 Software engg and web technology (5 marks)

Revise the above mentioned subjects starting from the first and revise atleast 2 times.


Engg Maths - 6 marks
Discrete Maths - 9 marks

General ability - 15 Marks  

(* Weightage given above (both technical and non-technical subjects ) are for an idea only and depends upon previous GATE exams. Weightage may not be same in the future GATE exams so plz study everything and learn concepts and do not by heart anything ).

Along with the Technical subjects revision,everyday side by side do aptitude and Maths questions it will definitely going to help you.

Hope this blog will help you and motivates you all. Start preparing and all of you will achieve a nice rank.:-) And Remember, those who will believe in themselves and do hard work , no matter where they are standing presently ,they will definitely achieve great things in the future.Stay focused and keep shipping :-). :)

                                       "Knowledge is the Supreme Goal"   

Dedicated to my respected mom,dad,brother,sister,cousins and my all the friends.God Bless you all.

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