Saturday, 23 May 2015

"Success is NOT the result of Spontaneous Combustion,You have to put yourself on Fire"

Made easy Award Ceremony

I have written this blog for all those who needs motivation and want to achieve a good rank in the GATE exam.:-)

First of all i would like to tell you little bit about myself. My name is LAKSHYA and i have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from the College of Technology,Pantnagar (G.B.P.U.A & T),Uttarakhand in 2014.When i was in my 12th standard, i dreamed first time to go to an IIT. I had always wanted to study in an IIT , but i was not able to get a very good rank in IIT-JEE due to which i became very much disappointed.I gave AIEEE and through that i got admission in the College mentioned above.After joining that college it took me around 6 months to get settled there becoz i was not able to get mix-up with others.But after 6 months , I learnt how to manage everything in college and everyone became my friend.Now again that thought came to my mind that i have to go to an IIT , at that time i had decided that what is there in that if i am not doing my B.Tech from an IIT. I had decided that i will do my M.Tech from IIT. So from 2nd year onwards i had started my preparations for GATE.At that time i had thought that i will crack GATE and i will try my level best to get a very good rank.

So with the feeling of dedication and detemination i had started my preparations.I followed all the standard books during my preparation.When i came to 3rd year what i had done was that ,whatever topic is there in the GATE syllabus i used to read it from the standard book and then i solve the questions from the previous year GATE exam and other books. My 3rd year was completed and level of preparation also goes up.When i came to final year , from the very 1st day i started my prep again.I started preparing the subjects one by one and then i had solved the previous year GATE questions thoroughly.Whenever my one subject gets completed i had started solving GATE questions.So this was the simple strategy followed by me at that time in the final year.Also at that time around September i had joined the MADE-EASY online test series.So i had also practised the tests online .After that my campus placements had started and as i was among the toppers of my batch so i got selected for giving direct interview in TCS.

In November 2013 i got placed in TCS but still my GOAL was on GATE 2014. I had decided that i will celebrate with full heart when i will crack the GATE exam.So after the campus placements , i again continued my preparations with full dedication. But sometimes whenever i was giving the online tests i felt that i was lacking somewhere and that was time management for solving the question paper. I had realized this around December that my time management is not that good ,but still at that time i had decided that i will give my 100 percent.At last ,the day came when my GATE exam is there and i went to give the exam with full confidence ,but after the exam was over i was able to solve only 40 questions out of 65 and that is very less becoz out of 40 questions the percentage of 1 marks questions was more.I felt very bad becoz of my performance in GATE.I came to home and when my dad asked me about the exam i told him that i will not be able to get a good rank but after listening to this he said that "its ok i know one day you will do wonders".My dad always appreciates and motivates me. Now slowly and slowly the result day is coming and i knew that i will get a very bad result.

On 27th march 2014 the results get announced and i got AIR around 2500 and i became very much disappointed and i had realized that only becoz of lack of time management and slow speed i am standing at this much rank.At that time i was thinking that i know each and every concept and i know everything but only becoz of slow speed i was unable to get a good rank.At this time i was not able to decide whether i will prepare for GATE-2015 or i will join TCS. I was in a dilemma so what i had done at that time was i started taking guidance from my college seniours those who were pursuing M.Tech.And what they told me was that i should give one more try ,they said that its worth to do M.Tech from an IIT/IISC. So after taking their guidance i had discussed all these things with my dad and he said that "Beta dekh lo , if you want to prepare one more time you can but you can do this side by side with your job". I had listened to my dad words but inside my heart i know that if one wants to achieve something great in our life sometimes we have to take a risk.

So , I had listened to my inner voice and i had decided that i will join coaching in Delhi after my final year gets completed. I came to Delhi after my B.Tech was over and joined MADE-EASY in june 2014.I was the student of B-Batch in Made Easy.I started studying very seriously from the very first day with full enegy and dedication and a spirit of attaining something in life.Day by Day i was learning something more and more and i was feeling that the made easy faculties are very perfect in their subjects.I got very much motivated after i came to know how much hard work they had done in their life.They had taught us each and every topic very nicely and to the point.Whenever i was there in the class attending lectures, i was amazed by their knowledge and also their hard work and their contribution to our country.Yes,they are making nice Engineers who will achieve greater and greater heights.

I had attended all the lectures with full focus. What i had done was that during my coaching first i listen to the lecture and makes notes and after the lecture was finished i came to home and i used to read all the topic taught in the lecture from the notes and whatever i feel difficult in that topic i took help from the standard books. Side by side i was also solving previous year GATE questions from the corresponding topic that was running in the coaching and i was used to keep a watch in from of my eyes while solving the questions in order to improve my speed , it is very hard to do self studies for those who go to the coaching from their homes after travelling.But do'nt get disheartened and try to manage everything and whenever u are free try your level best to revise the syllabus that has already been completed.I had always tried to manage everything and i had revised everything time to time.

When september came ,the Made Easy online test series again started.So i had also practice them again.The online tests helped me a lot to improve my speed .My course was completed around 31st december 2014 and coaching was almost over.So i had got around 1 month time for doing self preparation as my GATE exam was scheduled on 7th feb 2015.In that one month i had done my preparation with full heart . In front of my eyes i saw only GATE at that time :-) .I had revised everything during this time and i had also solved previous year GATE questions two times.I am telling you its very must to solve the previous year GATE questions in order to get a very nice rank.On 7th february i had written the GATE exam again and this time i am 100 percent confident becoz i had done a lot to improve my speed and time management.After 1 month around 11 March 2015 i got 94 All India Rank.I was slightly not felt that much good becoz i was expecting myself to be in top 10.But i am happy that i am in top 100 :-).

Going to pursue M.Tech(TA) in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay.:-)            



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